Begin a new travel tradition

Our prompts, your memories

Embrace mindfulness, write down the small details of your travels, and see the magic as you read your cards weeks, months and years later.

Experience making and reliving travel memories with our cards. Let the cards inspire you or guide you in your next travel adventure. Perfect for your exploration two hours or twenty two hours away. Start a new tradition of creating and storing your most vibrant, funniest, and tastiest travel memories.

How to use them

Take them on a solo trip. Divide them up between friends. Begin a friendly challenge with your partner. The cards are versatile.

  • Pack your TTM cards and a pen
  • Get inspired by the prompts and complete a handful every day of your trip
  • Be a rebel in the digital age and write down your experiences
  • Get creative: make a travel journal, scrapbook, or simply share with friends and family
  • Reread and relive your moments anytime