Welcome to TTM! My name is Fate and I am always asking the question ‘Where can I explore next?’ I’ve been working on answering that question since 2008.

I’ve taken my share of pictures along the way, mostly in hopes of remembering the details, but around 2015 I started noticing that writing down small moments from travels brought me immense joy to read months and years later. For example, I still have a note of the funniest comment that a sweet old Indonesian man told me on a plane from Lombok to Bali in July 2017.

I had the idea for TTM at the very end of 2018 on a train ride in Basque Country! Through a fair bit of trial and error (raise your hands fellow travel maximizers), and encouragement from my travel partner in life, Mohit, I’ve learned to give a fun spin to travel mindfulness. This TTM deck of simple, fun, and doable prompts which act as an inspiration and keepsake when you write down your memories after following the prompt.

I’ve always wanted to create and share something small with the world and hope to help you create your Tiny Travel Moments.

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